Viking Heritage Magazine eingestellt

Sehr, sehr schade. Die Universität von Gotland hat das Viking Heritage Mangazine eingestellt. Derzeit wird eine neue Finanzierung gesucht. Ich hoffe, sie finden einen Sponsor, sonst wird es sicher sehr schwierig.

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„Dear readers,
We have to inform you that the management of Gotland University has decided to stop publishing Viking Heritage Magazine. The reason is that earlier the magazine was co-financed by external funds from EU but now this funding has ended. This means that VHM 4/2005 was the last issue to be published by Gotland University.

Those of you who have paid their subscription fee recently are entitled to a refund from Gotland University. And you who have paid for and have received two issues or less can request back issues, free of choice, by writing or emailing us:

Over the years the members of the editorial board have tried to make VHM as an interesting Viking magazine as possible – and from all the mails and letters we have received from our readers we understand that there is a great support and desire for the continuation of our magazine. Of course we appreciate your kind words of praise, in fact they warm our hearts.

Thus far we can inform you that the efforts in finding a way to continue a publishing under other auspices are still progressing. As soon as a solid solution is achieved we will inform further here on the website.

Finally – many, many thanks to all of you for all these years with Viking Heritage Magazine! It has been great working with you!

Kind regards,

Marita Engberg Ekman
Editor Jörn Staecker
Publisher Dan Carlsson
Advisory Viking Expert

PS. Back issues are still available for sale here on the site in our webshop.“

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