Viking Heritage Magazine: Hoffnung/Hope

Vielleicht doch Hoffnung für das Viking Heritage Magazine, das in großen finanziellen Schwierigkeiten ist, seit die EU-Förderung ausgelaufen ist.

Bitte unterstützt das Magazin!
Please support the magazine!

Zitat von Miolfhiodha:

„From one of my mailinglists :

As many of you know there has been a campaign to save the Viking Heritage magazine.The board at Visby University wanted to close the mag down because it was loosing money due to not enough subscriptions. We mounted an email campaign to try and save it.

The number crunchers at the uni have decided it is too hard and finally decided to close it down. See the email from Prof. Carlsson attached below.

The magazine is a premier source for information from Viking excavations and is written mostly by archaeologists. It has been a primary resource that gives us up to date information years before it gets published in books. Prof Carlsson is willing to keep it going even if he has to do it privatly.

His staff are also going to help. Initially it will be a twice yearly issue but the magazine will have twice as many pages as the old version so the value will be the same. It is cheaper to print more pages than it is to print more issues and this will help reduce the cost.

Those willing to support Prof Carlsson and save the magazine might like to email him and ask for a subscription form for the new version. Part of the next issue is already done so there
should be a new issue to be printed much quicker than you would expect. If we can get the ball rolling there is a possibility that we might even see an issue around the end of June with a bit of luck 60 plus pages.. We can hope anyway. But a subscription page should be available soon.

This is just too good a resource to pass up we can save it and make it even better if enough people are interested.



Bad news! The university has decided to stop producing the Viking Heritage Magazine,
and Marita has lost her job! At the moment, Marita is looking for other
ways of producing the magazine.
I have also said that I might be interested in one way or another to run
it, but I cant do much until I am back in Sweden.
I will be back on the 30th of this month.

*Associate Professor Dan Carlsson*

Blåeldsvägen 3
S-621 50 Visby, Sweden
Tel. xxxxx

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